• Facebook allows 150 companies to read the user's messages - Tech Foul

    Facebook allows 150 company to read the user privet messages. American Newspaper 'The New York Times' classified this news.

    Facebook also shared that data of the people who deactivate data sharing option.

    The Facebook company accepted that it is sharing the user data of the different companies. It allowed Netflix and Spotify to read user privet messages.

    Microsoft's search engine bing also see the friends name of the users without user permission. 

    Like this Facebook shared contact detail to amazon without user permission. 
    American newspaper 'The New York Times' claimed in it report.

    By the report, Facebook is shared the data more than 150 companies and most of companies are technology companies.

    Facebook's old employees suggest that facebook also shared data of that users who do not allow the data sharing. Facebook established in 2004 is contracting with the companies for data sharing since 2010.There were some contracts this year.


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