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    Ranjeet Shrivastav developes the first Indian humanoid female robot who can speak Hindi, English, Bhojpuri and Marathi. This robot's name Rashmi who can speaks multi languages. Ranchi man Ranjeet Shrivastav made Rashmi robot in India.
    Rashmi is developed using Artificial Intelligence(AI), Linguistic Interpretation(LI), Face Recognition System and Virtual Data. It's the fastest made robot. MBA student, Shrivastav made rashmi in less than Rs 1,00,000 and in 2 years.

    Robot Rashmi is second multi - language robot after sophia and she is first female robot who speaks hindi. She is  work using electricity. Superstar Rajnikant is favorite hero of the robot. Ranjeet has made 80% of Rashmi body. There are only hands and feet left.

    What does Ranjeet say?

    Ranjeet says that my son challenged me that if you call yourself Intelligent, you can create a robot. 
    Rashmi works in four layer. In first layer, she is using investigator interpretation system and emotion interpretation system. Second layer is API layer. She can works using scripting in industry with third layer. It is Scripting layer. Artificial Intelligence is forth layer. Using forth layer rashmi can conversation hours - to - hours.
    The developer of Rashmi, Shrivastav locked the cameras in robot eyes so that she can do object detection and 3D mapping.

     Without mobile or other devices, rashmi is using twitter and instagram with it's integrated system. Ranjeet says, Robot rashmi will host the show in future.

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