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    Steganography is the technique to send your secret data within another file, photo, video, message. We can send out secret data like file, image, video, messages using another file, image, video and messages. This is powerful technique and the word steganography combines two Greek words steganos means "covered or protected", and graphein means " writing ".

    Why we use Steganography?

    The intelligence Agencies of difference countries are use this technique to send the secret data in hiding way like their files and images and another data with attaching another file or data.

    Steganography is not a new techniques. In history, this techniques was used by the people. People hide the message in another men body using tattoos and used this technique with invisible ink by people.

    People in history send a message through the echo sound and this techniques called echo steganography.

    In now days, the people use steganography in digital way and we easily send the secret data. Here, i give you a example of  this basic technique practically.

    How to hide the data or text inside the image or photo?
    • Create a new folder.
    • Put an image in that folder.
    • Go to address bar and type cmd.

    • Press enter.
    • Now, You are in CMD then enter the following command.
                 echo "This is the  Steganography blog" >> color.jpg

    • Press enter.
    • Your Message is hided in the image file.

    How can we read that secret message?
    • Go to that folder where is your image file store.
    • Now, Right click on that image file and open it in Notepad++ or any other editor as you want.
    • Then, Scroll down the page and reach end of the page.

    • Here, You can see your hidden message.
    • This message hidden technique is steganography.

    Using this technique, you can also hide the text, images, videos, zip and rar file etc.

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