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    In now days, the major problem of students, employees can't concentrate on any work.

    Here,we discuss about 3 free mobile apps that helps to increase your focus and performance and make better your life.

    Best 3 Mobile Apps

    1) Forest

    Forest app provide your own forest that works with your achievements that grow or shrink.In this app, you can plant your tree.

    Example:- You want to do any task so that time you set your time in this app when the time will finish, you get a notification. you press OK when you see a tree in your forest but before the time will finish  you did give up or can't do finish your task so your tree will destroy.

    You can choose the time till 15 minutes to 2 hours. This app effect your psychology and you will fill your sense of achievements and create positive fear.

    You can also share this app with your friends. I am using this app when blogging time.

    You can download from here :- Forest

    2) White Noise Generator 

    What is white noise ?

    ->When you can focus on your work but the different noise distract you that comes from around you. We want the counter noise at that time. Counter noise will awkward for some time then we used to listen in 5 to 10 seconds and we can't listen another sound and focus on our work because this sound is same and uniform sound.

    White Noise Generator app provides you so many noises including rain, cars, insects, fan, waterfall etc...

    You can use this app in relaxation, focus, sleeping, meditation etc...

    You can download from here :- White Noise Generator

    3) Color Note

    Color Note app help to store information in text form or checklist form.

    You can store your ideas and thoughts in text form. You can set reminder in this app.

    In checklist form you can write your task or work. When you will finish a task , checked it. You can arrange the item with it's priority. You can make a folder and divide the tasks.

     You can organize your full day and this can sync with your all devices using mobile or desktop and you can also link your facebook and google account.

    You can download from here :- Color Note


    1. I also use this apps and these are best app altime
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