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Top Technologies in 2019 | You must learn this technology in 2019

Let's talk about top technologies now to built apps to solve problems in 2019. We talk about top 6 technology that you must learn in 2019 because that are so powerful.

Top 6 Technologies that you can learn this year :-

1) IoT (Internet of Things)

World are moving to connect all devices with internet enable. Example:- Mobile, Laptop, PC etc. also your home devices A.C.,Fan,Tube-light so they are communicating and they will be communicate so that are part of IoT.

So, How this is possible for developer? so, Developer develop the apps that design with Internet and your devices you can connect with that apps.

Example :- If your fridge connect with internet and when the create problem that time you can connect with apps and communicate with fridge and you will not visit and electric shop for repair it.

2) Cloud Computing 

All the big company transfer on the cloud computing. With use of cloud computing we can't store any apps and software in our local machine we can access it using server.

Example :- Before days, we can download the M.S. Office for using and now we can direct use that software online with cloud computing. We can use amazon without download it's apps and software.

Difference services are available for cloud computing Google Service, Amazon  Service. You learn one web service to understand everything else because that are not more different. If you can work with amazon web service , you can work with google web service with some new features.

3) Big Data

you can use Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. all they know who you are? and they all knows billions of users and they are store all the data somewhere in different pattern and this is best computing power big data.

Big Data is basically huge amount of the data. We collect all the data and put it somewhere that called the Big Data.We have the different framework Hadoop, Apache Spark, Flink etc.

Big Data is contain the huge information of the data from different places. This Technology is very helpful to contain the very huge information and huge data of different place, people, etc...

4) Block Chain

Block Chain is the technology that programmed for not only financial transaction but also virtually everything of value.Block Chain is used in 2008 first time when Bitcoin crypto-currency developed. Bitcoin is not connect with any country, any government or any bank. This is digital currency.

Block Chain is like distributed database that is connect with so many databases.This is encrypt database and fault tolerant. Block Chain is so difficult to hack because if hacker want hack it so they have to hack the so many database at a time.

So, This is so powerful technology and it will cover all the world in the future.

5) Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR)

  • Augmented Reality
AR adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone.Ar is layer that computer-generated in an existing reality to make more meaningful. Augmented Reality is develop in to apps and mobile devices
Example :- The powerful example of AR is Pokemon Go game. We can see different pokemons by using our mobile phone camera. It works on computer generated pokemons.

  • Virtual Reality
VR is completed experience that shuts out the physical world. Using VR devices such as Oculus Rift,  HTC Vive  or Google Cardboard, User feel the real experience of the physical objects. VR is artificial computer based making that feel real world and develop it's using VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language).

  • Mixed Reality
MR technology is the combine elements of the AR and VR , real world and digital object interact. MR technology is just now starting to take off with Microsoft’s HoloLens.

6) A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) 

This is most powerful technology in future. All the company wants to make their own A.I. apps and A.I. software. You use your mobile phone doesn't matter that Android , iOS but they all have their own A.I. Apps like Google Assistance or Siri. In a future the manual testing will possible by Artificial Intelligence.

Example :- Driver less car by google ,  Tesla is the powerful example of Artificial Intelligence. The A.I. is powerful concept that solve all problem by thinking ownself. The understand all things and solve the problem. Artificial Intelligence will be change the world.

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