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Difference between Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning | A.I. vs M.L. vs D.L. - Tech Foul

What is "Intelligence" ? 

It is the ability to gather information and to retain as a knowledge to be applied in situation. Example:- You have learned to drive a car and your tutor told you that don't touch to dustbin, house and human. But when you drive car and accidentally a human comes that time you touch the dustbin not a human though you were told that don't touch any dustbin or human so this is human intelligence. You understand that human is the more important than the dustbin.

Intelligence word is coming from Latin word intelligo that means to choose between difference option.

What do we need to be Intelligent ? 

  • Understanding the things
  • Self Awareness
  • Learning with every movement
  • Reasoning
  • Emotional Knowledge
  • Planning of difference things
  • Creativity
  • Skill to solve the problem etc...

Artificial Intelligence :-

In simple words, the machine mimics to human behavior and machine have ability to perception and logical ability is called A.I.

There are two types in A.I.

1)  Weak A.I.
Weak A.I. understand the things but it have not a self awareness. It does not understand its good and bad. In now days, google photo,  Assistant, Amazon Eco Dot etc.

2) Strong A.I.
Some people believe and tell that is possible and some people don't believe and tell that is impossible. In a strong A.I. machine have all the things like human self awareness, emotion etc...

Strong A.I. makes more powerful the robots than the human.

Machine Learning :-

Machine Learning is a technique to achieve artificial intelligence and also a part of the A.I.  In machine Learning, machine is learned using data without instruction.

We have to make a algorithm and tell about the features and this technology is learn from the past experience. With a learning of data, it can classify so machine can perception.

This technology is a way of  training an algorithm so that it can learn how. Training involves feeding huge amounts of data to the algorithm and allowing the algorithm to adjust itself and improve.

Machine Learning can't do self awareness, feeling. Machine learning is also a technique and also part of A.I. In machine learning, First you have to collect the data and than tell the all the features of that.

Deep Learning :-

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence same way Deep Learning is a subset  of Machine Learning. Deep Learning makes easy to Machine Learning.

Why we use Machine Learning?

In machine learning, we learn with data. As a example, we give you so many photos in machine learning now we suggest the features and we give a photo of cat or dog and we have to tell about nose, ears etc. to machine learning algorithm. After telling features we fit the data and it makes a model to it and then it knows dogs and cats.

Sometimes, it may be happened that we have  data but we don't know about the features. We can't decide that that is cat or dog and don't know about the features like ears, nose, eyes, legs etc. so that time we use Deep Learning. 

Deep Learning is category of machine learning in which we don't need to tell the features. We have to give so many data to deep learning and machine decides about itself that which features is best and it will decide that that is dog or cat.

In deep learning, needs to many processing and it uses Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). It takes many time to train the data.

There are two category in it :
If you tell the features to machine so it called the simple machine learning and when the machine understand the features itself it called the Deep Learning. D.L. uses ANN and there are so many data needed in the deep learning and it takes time.
Difference between Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning | A.I. vs M.L. vs D.L. - Tech Foul Difference between Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning | A.I. vs M.L. vs D.L. - Tech Foul Reviewed by Tech Foul on January 24, 2019 Rating: 5


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