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Jan Sloot : Sloot Digital Coding System

Jan Sloot was a Dutch electronic engineer who claimed to have invented revolutionary new computer coding system.

Sloot had invented "Sloot Digital Coding System". This was so powerful compression system. "The Sloot Digital Coding System" could reduce entire movie in 8 KB of data.

He demonstrated this technique in front of executives of the Philips Company, in which he just saw 8 movies running from one chip from 64 KB. The decoding algorithm was 370 MB.

It was estimated that sloot's system would potentially be worth hundreds of billions of dollar.

A dutch bank ABN AMRO agreed to invest $50 million. ABN AMRO  bank also made $20 million advance paymnt to sloot. But before Jan Sloot gave this technique to the source code Philips Company, he died secretly on July 11, 1999.

After his death, a floppy disc in which he included source code that disappear mysteriously.

Even after searching for a long time, he did not get it and the technology appears to have died  with its inventor.

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