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Unsolved Internet Mystery : Creepy and Weirdest Internet Mysteries - Tech Foul

Here, We discuss about the creepy, weirdest and unsolved internet mysteries. Internet is so huge and mysterious place. We use internet in our daily life but some mystery in it which are we can't know and it is unsolved this days.


CICADA 3301 is a puzzle which is see in 2012. This puzzle comes every year and select only intelligent people. This is organization and post many puzzle on internet. This puzzle is in coding and you have to decode it. Many people believe that this are the secret agency and they require highly intelligent people but no one has a proof about it.


Bitcoin is a digital currency which is not physically available. In nowadays, bitcoin coin prize is 1 Bitcoin = 2,93,512.29 Indian Rupees. We direct transaction of bitcoin and no authority is work in transaction.

Bitcoin is not connect with any country, any government or any bank. This is digital currency. Bitcoin is invented by unknown person named Satoshi Nakamoto.


A858 is a name of sub reddit. Sub Redit is area in which organize all the entry of the reddit. Unknown owner of sub reddit from 2011 is posting the long line of code in hexadecimal digit but no one is know that why he is posted that code? who is post This hexadecimal code? and why? no one knows.

Webdiver Torso

Webdriver Torso is a youtube channel. This is so mysterious channel on the youtube. You see so many fantastic video on that channel and see only red and blue rectangle video. Blue and Red rectangle change their color and spreading a beep sound. The shocking fact is, This channel has 146k+ subscriber.

You can see the Webdriver Torso video by Click Here

Internet BlackHoles

In networking, Internet BlackHoles is a secret place where an incoming and outgoing traffic disappear secretly. After searching, research tells this black holes are not visible and you detect it after monitoring lost traffic.

The Plague Doctor Video

The plague doctor video is so mysterious thing on the internet. In this video you see a man who has wore plague doctor costume and he is in a building. He has wore a globe and a light on globe is continue blinking and give signal in Binary format. "01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101" or "Muerte" which Spanish meaning is "death" when translate binary to text.

The Deep Web

We access the internet like facebook, google, Instagram or Websites or online software are the a small part of the Internet. We access the internet in surface web and this is a very small part of the Internet. It is may be 20%.

80% part of the internet is in deep web which is we can't access. We can't search it in any search engine. If you want to access Deep Web, you have to require the special types of application. Deep Web is so mysterious place. In the dark web, the illegal work is done.

The Mariana's Web

The Mariana's Web  is deeper than the Deep Web. The name Mariana comes from world deepest Mariana's Trench. Some people believe that Mariana's Web can control all internet. If you want to access to Mariana's Web ,  you have to require the Quantum Computer and Quantum Computer are not available nowadays. Some people believe that Mariana's Web is a Rumor and Some people tells it is a mystery.

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