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Top Mysterious Websites on Internet - Tech Foul

You know about the internet and you use it daily. People say there are more than 100 crores websites available on internet. Some content available on internet that you can't think. Here, We talk about the mysterious websites on internet. We found creepy and mysterious websites on internet so let's discuss about it. Following we show the some website which are so different than you think.

This website is so fun.When you see this website you see a image or photo which are zooming infinitely. This website is a project and you feel that this is infinite. But this is not a infinite this is a video of 2 minute and that it repeat again and again and you see that background again which you first see.

You see a arrow button on left side when you press it you see different infinite design.

When you visit this website you see a blank page. This website is made for that people who become a hacker and type in programming ways. You type anything in page and website write in code automatically and you feel like a hacker. By using this website you can spam with your friends and shocked them.

No one knows about that why this website was made? But this is so fun way feel like a professional programmer and hacker.

This website is awesome. When you visit this site you listen a sound of the rain and this is the original sound of the rain. After visiting this site, you feel like you are in a rain and becoming a rainy mood.

If you want an app so both android and iOS apps are available on the stores.

Staggering Beauty website is so fun way. When you visit staggering beauty you see a rope like emoji and when you move your cursor on the screen the rope automatic follow you.

When you move your mouse cursor speedy your screen start blink in different colors.

With using this site you can see live footage of any live camera. You can select your footage and than you see live video of that place. You can show footage like living room, university and anything. And you can see more information about that address, location, city, country about that footage(camera video).

This website is made for send a mail without giving your mail id. You can also use for fake mail. In this website, you can make your id and also send mail but a receiver can't find your mail id and this is a temporary id so you can use it for 10 minutes.

Guerrilla Mail is provide platform to stay save and avoid spam. When you send a mail to any people first you go in compose section and put mail id of receiver and write a massage and than press send button.

100,000 Stars website it awesome. You see a galaxy and outside of sun on this website. You see slide control on right side and  you can control it with mouse arrow. When you slide up and down site you see whole universe in this site.

You also see a play button left side. This button watch the full video and give information of the galaxy.

Ninja Flex 

This is weirdest  website and only say the Ninja and Flex in drama voice. This is crazy but funny website. You also see a print text when you put cursor on the photo.

This is terribly hypnotic website. You see crazy design and moving it. If you change the color , you have to click on the screen at anywhere. You also see different design like animation and other.

This website is like dangerous. In this site, you see a lady to promote the bees and all the people face the attack of the bees. A lady is smiling and dancing and all people is crying and protect them self. Bottom of website the BEES!!! word blinking. This is one type but no one know about this website why it is made?

People likes the cat so much so here we visit the website of the cat bounce. When you visit it you can see the jumping bouncing the cats. You can rain of the cat to clicking the "Make It Rain" word. You also can pick cat with cursor and throw it to bottom. When you throw cat speedy, cat can jump.

Flight Radar website is live detect the flight which is take off or landing and also a flying position. You can see the location of the every plane in the world. You also can zoom in and zoom out. This side provides so many functionality like brightness, filter, full screen, airports name etc...

This is horror website. When you visit this website you see a couple who are watching T.V. but there are "Nothing" display in TV. You also see the some photos above the TV. When you click on that photo, you see a different horror pictures with a horror and creepy sound which is so dangerous. Why this site is made? no one can knew.

This is so creepy website. You see a image and you also see a single blue button on  that page.  When you press the large blue button , you listen  the sound of the man who are telling noooooooooo... with creepy voice.

No one could know about this website that Why this website is made? and who made it? and what is the reason to made it?

This is horror and dangerous website. When you visit this website, you reach at island and there you are alone. Hashima Island website is with dangerous sound and you see whole island with clicking on arrow button.

Hashima Island is a place to explore the real "Forgotten World" off the cost of Japan.

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