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In this blog, we discuss about the Google AdSence vs Affiliate Marketing. You will know which is the better for the blogger ? and which makes more money ?

Nowadays, People who generate online income are depend on the google adsense and affiliate marketing. People make money with the helping of them. But some people confuse about it and think  which is more better and generate more money ? so  we discuss about the google adSense vs affiliate marketing in detail...

Google AdSense

Google Adsense is a program of the advertising which is made by Google. You can display targeted media images, photos, videos, links etc. and and money. Google Adsense is very famous google program for making online money. Nowadays, google is so popular for all online earners.

First of all, You have to make an adsense account and then you have to put ads on your website, channel and etc... then you can earn with your google adsense and google provide the adsense money in your bank account. You can put the ads on widget, header, footer or any side of your website. But you will have to accept the adsense policy then you can do it.

So many company give the money to google for seeing their advertisement and then google put ads on your site and give you 60% money of the advertise. Many blogger earn more and more income using only adsense. Google adsense provide very good money than the other ads networks.
  • Google is work on pay per click and give money on ads click
  • User will see advertised in which user interested
  • You can't select niche product
  • Your website speed will be down after setting adsense ads
  • You can't sell any product
  • When you violation google policy, google will banned you
  • More and more traffic visits your blog so your blog generate more income

Affiliate Marketing

Some companies build affiliate program or referral program by their official website. Publisher would be promote their product and companies give the commission.

You will select the affiliate program like your website content and this content is available for Wordpress theme, Amazon, ClickBank etc.... Companies give the commission between $5 to $900 and more. 
When a user click on your affiliate link and buy a product , companies give the commission.

Type affiliate + company name in browser, you reach that company affiliate page and then you have to create an account and then you can promote their products.
  • You can choose product as your website content
  • Affiliate is a long term income source
  • If you more sell, you earn more
  • Many company give commission between $5 to $900 or more.
  • It can't banned you and you can monetize as your wish.

Which is best ?

  1. You can make adsense account one time but In affiliate, you can many time make account.
  2. Google can banned you But affiliate can't banned you.
  3. Adsense give money on click but affiliate give discount per sell.
  4. You can't take approval in low traffic but You can generate affiliate account and earn in low traffic.
  5. In Adsense, You can't select ads But In affiliate, you can select product as you wish.

According to my opinion 

If you are a newbie, google adsense is the best for you Because you are new or no one can trust on you so affiliate is not good for newbie bloggers.

You are experience blogger or you can make money with adsense long time or you are knowing all about the blogging so you can start affiliate marketing. You can earn as much as you can from affiliate marketing in a day as you work from blogging in a month.


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