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Google AI : What is Google AI | How to use AI - Tech Foul

Here, We discuss about the Google AI. You know about the Artificial Intelligence and we also called it machine Intelligence. But here we discuss about the Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) like What is Google AI ? and How to use Google AI ?

Artificial Intelligence is a future technology and all the huge companies work on it like Google, Facebook, Microsoft etc. You see Apple's Siri and Google's Assistance there are the work on the Artificial Intelligence and it is starting point of the Intelligence.

Google developed the program named AI for Social Good and you can learn artificial intelligence to visit this program.

What is Google AI (Artificial Intelligence) ? 

Google AI is program of the google which is fully depends on the intelligence. Google CEO Sundar Pichai declare the in 2017. It helps to human to work easily day by day. Artificial Intelligence is so powerful and we use it to make a work easy.

Example :- Driver less car by google ,  Tesla is the powerful example of Artificial Intelligence. The A.I. is powerful concept that solve all problem by thinking own-self. The understand all things and solve the problem. Artificial Intelligence will be change the world.

How to use Google AI ?

You can use the Google AI after visiting the official site of the Google and you can reach the starting page of the site. Here, you see the many parts like a research, Education, Philosophy, Stories and many other. You can easily learn from here.

1)  Searching
You can directly search with the text which you daily perform and you can also search by the Photos. This way is so strong you can find information with the images and you can find the information using without caption images.

2)  Machine Learning
You can use it to learn machine learning. Algorithm of the machine learning provides the information of the Youtube that the many Youtube videos are shown by different 100 other languages.

3)  Reply of the old messages
Google reply your old email by using the Artificial Intelligence. It is fully depends on the algorithm and that are use to develop the Intelligence.

4) Conversation with different languages
You can conversation with difference people. If you don't know their language , you can talk with their in their languages using Google AI.

5) Play the Music
You can play the music to say the google AI. It is play for you as you like music. You can perform this task in your mobile to say the google assistance.

6) Finding on Google Map
Google Map is use the Artificial Intelligence. By using it, you can find the streets name. You also find the paints, tree and your pets.

7) Portrait Mode
We can click the picture with a portrait mode. In this mode, AI used. AI can blur the background and we click the portrait photo.

How to learn Machine Learning free with Google ?

  • First of all, Open the Browser as you like and then search or also click here...
  • Then you reach the official page of the Google AI program

    • Click on the Education tab like above image.
    • Now here you see the Machine Learning Crash course
    • Click on it

    • Click on Start Crash Course
    • And here you see the full tutorial of the Machine Learning.

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