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Top 8 Python Web Frameworks 2019 | Python Frameworks - Tech Foul

In this blog, we discuss about the top python web frameworks. These are best frameworks for developing web application in python. Here, we discuss 8 frameworks.

The List of the Web Frameworks:-
  1. Django
  2. Pyramid
  3. Flask
  4. Web2py
  5. Cherrypy
  6. TurboGears
  7. Bottle
  8. Tornado

What is Web Framework ? 

Web Frameworks are modules or collection of the packages. This Frameworks are use to develop the web application or web services. Web Frameworks are allow to develop the services without handling the protocols, sockets etc. Web Framework is helps to reduce the code and allows to build application quickly.

Python Web Frameworks are different into full-stack frameworks and non-full-stack frameworks. Full-Stack Frameworks are use to develop the application through the database. Non-Full stack Frameworks handle anything less than complete development.


Django is a web application framework which is written in Python. This is free and open source framework. Django provides big collection of the module and this can save the developer time. Authentication, Object Relational Mapper, URL writing and Database Schema Migration are all included in Django Framework.

Django Framework template language is easy to learn and comfortable to working with HTML, like designer and front end developer. This is flexible and highly extensible.


Pyramid is one of the best framework of the Python. It is developed as a part of Pylons projects. 

Pyramid is small and fast python framework and it is based on Model View Controller (MVC) architectural pattern.

Python is fully compatible with Python 3. This framework is designed to be fast.

Pyramid is minimalistic or easy, platform independent web framework and this Framework also allows hierarchical object traversal and it is a Full Stack Framework.


Flask web framework is developed by Armin Ronacher. It is classify by micro framework. Flask also known as micro frameworks because it is not require any following elements :
  1. It is not require any libraries and tools
  2. No form validation
  3.  No database abstraction layer.

Flask is commonly used with MongoDB. This framework is support for unit testing and compatible with Google App engine.


Web2py is free and open source written in python. It is developed by Massimo De Pierro and it is a cross plateform web framework. This framework is allows to develop dynamic content of developer.

Features of Web2py Framework : 
  • Web2py is a cross platform
  • It read Multiple protocol
  • Not required extra installation
  • Web2py follows Model View Controller


Remi Delon has developed this framework. This is open source and Object - Oriented Framework. CherryPy has its own multi threaded web server and this framework is widely implement to developed the web application. You can run your CherryPy web application in any python supporting system.

CherryPy Framework allows to run several HTTP server simultaneously. CherryPy is built in plugin system and it contain HTTP/1.1 compliant and it support for different web servers like Apache, Nginx etc.


TurboGears is a full stack web application framework and it is developed by Kevin Dangoor and Mark Ramm. This is use to support for multiple databases and follow the pattern of the MVC (Model View Controller).

TurboGears is build on top of numerous disparate libraries and middle-ware. This framework consisting of several WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface).


Bottle is a one of the best non full stack web framework and it is developed by Marcel Hellkemp. This is WSGI micro web framework and it is lightweight framework to use to build small web application. It create sing source file of every project or application.

This framework support plugin and different databases. It offer the request routs having URL parameters support.It support JSON client data.


Tornado is a Open source framework and it is a known as highly performance. It developed by Ben Darnell and Bret Taylor. It is  scalable and non blocking web server. 

Tornado has ability to handle more than 10,000 connection at single time without affecting other servers.

Tornado framework is support user authentication by default. It provide high performance and handle multi connection.

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