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In this blog, we discuss all about the online business. What is online business? and Which is better online business? We discuss all the things of the online business. After reading this blog, you can decide to your online business. You can star the online business in very low or zero investment. Let's talk about the online business...

What is Online Business ? 

If you live in Gujarat state, you know very well about the business and you listen this business from your childhood. You have seen so many businesses. But here we discuss about the online business and Online business is fast growing business since few years. In digital world, we are doing business with helping of internet and earn money business is called e - business of online business.

In nowadays, some people work in online business from home and earn more money and so many online works are available on the internet which are give money after doing their works. But here we discuss about the top online business.

We talk about the top and effective business and these are give you more money. Some government workers and employees leave their jobs and work on online business. You have to work more and more in starting days.

# Freelancer

Freelancing is a online business and this is so popular business. All the people who have a any skill can do this. This is best platform of earning more money.

If your skill in writing so you can earn here and many other skill are require like singing (sell your voice), programming, web development, graphics design, video animation, logo design, digital marketing etc.

This site will become you freelancer and you can do any work here. You can do this work from their official site and many other more websites are available which are provide freelancing jobs. You have to make your account and submit your form. After making your profile an company or any client message you to do their work.
Following are some freelancing websites :-
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Cloud Peeps
  • Guru
  • ServiceScape
  • Collage Recruiter
  • 99Designs
  • Freelance 

# E-Commerce

E-Commerce is a best platform of the business to sell or buy the product. If you have a any website of any things you can do this thing. In the E-Commerce, You have to buy product or sell the product and earn money. This is most profitable work on the online business. 

E-Commerce or Electronics Commerce is a source of the marketing. We give you a live example of the E-Commerce business. Amazon, Alibaba, Snapdeal and Flipkart etc. If you get one time success in this business than you can build your own company. You can buy or sell any thing on this business.

# YouTuber

All the people know about the YouTube and use it in their daily life. YouTube is a best platform of making money. You can become a youtuber and earn money. You have only make your channel and make a video and upload it. After applying youtube policy than youtube community start the advertise on your channel and you earn money from that advertise. 

YouTube is a best platform to become a famous. But i recommend you that you do work on youtube as a part time job. Some people take a youtue as a career but some time it's not good for you.

# Blogging

Blogging is a best option of the career from online business. You know about the blogger who make lots of money from the blogging and they select blogging as a career. If you have more knowledge and you want to share it with writing so blogging is for you. 

You can make a blog on Wordpress or Blogger or any other platform and publish it on the internet. When a traffic (more viewer) visit your blog, google adsense approve your site and allow to set advertise on your website. 

When people click on ads and see your ads , google gives you money in adsense and you will earn money. You have to buy domain and hosting for a blogging. You can use free domain and hosting but it not effective.

# Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a also best way to earn money. You have to provide some services in digital marketing.

Following are the types of the Digital Marketing :-
  • Social Media Marketing
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
  • Television Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

# Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a powerful way to earn money. Top bloggers are do affiliate marketing because this things gives more and more money. In affiliate marketing, No limits of earning money. If you have to any website or blog so you can do the affiliate marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing with youtube channel.

In Affiliate Marketing, You have to sell the other company product and that company gives you 30% commission on that product and that depend on the product value. Top bloggers have a big source of income is affiliate marketing.


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