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5 Games to improve typing speed | Typing Games - Tech Foul

Here, we discuss about the top games which are improve your typing speed. These games are so funny and very useful to improve the typing speed. 

When we start to learn computer, first we start the typing and so many website and apps are available which are learn the best typing and improve skill. But after sometime , we feel bore and start to play the different games. That time these games are so useful which are relax the mind and improve the typing speed.

If you are newbie and you haven't the best typing speed and you want to learn the typing and you want to improve it so here we have best 5 games which are help to you to improve your typing speed in fun way.

Games to improve your typing speed

1 = Z Type


This is my favorite typing game. In this game your have to killed aliens by laser. When you the correct word the space ship launch the laser and kill aliens. 

This is so famous game and you also listen the music while playing the game. I am sure you will like this game after playing.

2 = Spider Typer

In this game, you type the correct word and help to save the spider from the chameleons. The Chameleons want to eat the spider and you see the word on the chameleon body. When you type it correctly, they will destroy.

You have to stop them to eat the spider and then you will that level.

3 = Key Tower

In this game, You have to make a tower from hanging boxes on the crane. You have to press the correct key which are the write on the boxes and make a high tower. 

When you put the box on the perfect place then you get a score. You will have a 1 minute and 30 second time to put the boxes. 

4 = Key Man

This game is like a pacman game. This game is for a newbie and you have to change the direction of the pacman and collect the different items.

5 = Magic Library

Magic Library is the most powerful game of this article. You see the lots of the books which are go up to down. You see the word on that book when you press the correct word you add the book in your library

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