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Google Bolo : What is Google Bolo App ? - Tech Foul

In this post, we discuss about Google app called Bolo. Google launched an amazing app in India for the kids to learn. We discuss about that what is Google Bolo app ? and how it can help us ? 

In India, you know some places are so poor and that have not got the facilities of study. Google launched the bolo app for the kids. We learn about the google bolo speech app. Read the full artical...

What is Google Bolo app ?

Google launched the an app named Bolo speech app for primary level student to learn Hindi and English. This app is specially made for Indian student. Google is made this app for 6 - 12 years students. Google Bolo Speech App also has an Animated Digital Assistant named Diya.

This assistant reads the written text in a loud voice. We use this app offline mode. In this app, a digital assistant 'Diya' read the stories in Hindi or English and it invite to read an text. You can read the stories and Diya helps to read it. This app is work on Speech to Text.

Bolo app have 50 stories in Hindi and 40 in English and google also plan to add more stories in this app.

How to Install Bolo App ?

You can install the app on the Play store. Go to Play store and search the google bolo and then you can easily install it. This app is require 50MB in your smartphone. It is free app and In addition, these apps can run on all Android devices with Android 4.4 KitKat and above.

You can direct download the app click here --- Google Bolo App

Google Product Manager Says :-

We analysis this product in 200 villages of the Uttar Pradesh and we got the better and the responsive result and then we launched in India. This app is available only in Hindi. We will develop this app in different languages. 

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