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    How under display camera works | New Mobile Technology - Tech Foul

    Hello guys, In this video we discuss about the Under Display Camera ( new mobile technology). Xiaomi and Oppo are showcase this technology. We can't see the notch or pop-up mechanism. This technology is works like under display fingerprint scanner. We discuss that how this technology works ? in this blog.

    How under display camera works ? 

    The Xiomi and Oppo are continuously works on this technology and the AMOLED (Active Metrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen must be require and the section of the OLED screen has high transparency but it's reflection is very low.

    A specific section are there for the camera which is looks like a screen and you can do all work on that. But when you open the font camera that section will become the transparent and the light reach where the camera sensor is placed. When you switch the rear camera then the camera will become the screen.

    Xiaomi used 20 Mega Pixel camera in their new under display camera phone. The following video is launched by the Xiaomi.

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