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    Google Updates : Google updated with awesome features for India in 2019 | Google for India event - Tech Foul

    Hi Guys... Today we discuss about a search engine of the world largest company alphabets. Nowadays, google can updates itself with interesting features Google is a world's large search engine and so it can update daily itself with new updates.

    Google organize an event per year called "Google for India". Google says all the updates and program which are launching in India. In this year event, event was great and so many new things updates specially for regional languages.

    In this blog, we discuss about that what google add in it? and updates of google assistance? and more.

    Google's Program and Features :
    • When you search in google search , you get result in only Hindi and English but now google add the new 9 languages like:
      • Gujarati
      • Tamil
      • Telugu
      • Kannada
      • Marathi
      • Malayalam
      • Urdu
      • Odia (Oria)
      • Punjabi

    • First Google Assistance support the English and Hindi but now "Google assistance support more languages and speak it" like English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali etc...
    • Google have launched the toll free number to conversation with a google. Thus facility provides only idea and Vodafone users. and toll free number is 0008009191000.
    • Google rolls out and NFC(Near Field Communication) card payments and you can sync-in credit or debit card with google pay.
    • You can translate with scan by google lens camera. Google Lens can translate any language in Hindi or English and now it can change or translate in the Tamil, Telugu and Marathi.
    • Google ties up with BSNL to provide the free public WiFi across the 400 railway station. Click for more about the Google Station.

    Finally, Above are all the features launched by Google and all features are continue to work.

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