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Google Colab: What is Google Colaboratory | Google Colab Notebook | How to use Google Colab ? - Tech Foul

Here, We discuss about the Google's awesome feature called Google Colab, Google Colaboratory and Colab Notebook. We give you information about What is Google Colab ? and also discuss the What is Google Colaboratory Notebook ?

What is Google Colaboratory ?

This topic is based on (Official Site of Google Colab) or Colab Notebook. If you don't have a good computer that can take the workload developing ML model but you want to create  or develop the Machine Learning Model so Google Colab Notebook is for you. In google Colab, Google provide the free Jupyter Notebook where you can use GPUs and TPUs which can solve the all issue.

Google Colab is an executable document. Colab is like a Jupyter Notebook which is already provide some basic libraries. You can write,run and share the Jupyter code within Google Drive and all the Colab projects are stored in Google Drive.

A notebook document is composed of cells, each of which can contain code, text, images, and more. Colab connects your notebook to a cloud-based runtime, meaning you can execute Python code without any required setup on your own machine. Additional code cells are executed using that same runtime, you can change the python version and change GPU and TPU at a run time. Colab provide the more useful functionality at a runtime.

If you would like to share your notebooks with others, you can do so via Google Drive sharing or even by exporting your notebook to GitHub. Colab Notebook provide the facility to run the code in different part or cell. You can use the Shift + Enter shortcut for running the cell. You can execute the notebook in Jupyter Notebook, JupyterLab,
and other compatible frameworks.

Learn ore about the Google Colab visit the official site of Google Colab or

Features of the Google Colaboratory :

  • First many of thevlibraries which are required for machine learning and deep learning including the deep learning frameworks such as tenserflow or Google Colab Tensorflow is pre-installed in Google collab so you can choose them on the go if there is a library which is not installed in Google collab then we can just choose a normal command such as pip install and a library name to install that library now no Google collab environment.  Like This -> pip install numpy
  • We can use Google Drive to store our data sets and then we can use Google collab to retrieve those data sets and we can use it for our research project.
  • Apart from normal feature such as we can upload our own Jupiter notebook and use it in Google collab or else we can download Google collaboratory notbook as a jupiter notebook.
  • We even have another feature of google collab that is we can use google collab to run on local run time this means consider that you have a machine which you can use for training deep learning models then you can directly connect google collab.

How to use Google Colaboratory ?

  • Open the Chrome
  • Search or Google Colab
  • Then Click on the File ->New Python 3 Notebook (As your wish)
  • Write the code here
  • After completing the code you can share it with your friend
You can use the Mail id for share or also get the Link for it like follow :-
Click Here for see shareble Colab code

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Google Colab: What is Google Colaboratory | Google Colab Notebook | How to use Google Colab ? - Tech Foul Google Colab: What is Google Colaboratory | Google Colab Notebook | How to use Google Colab ? - Tech Foul Reviewed by Tech Foul on October 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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