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Google Directions | Google Map Fun Tricks - Tech Foul

Hi... Tech Foul Family... Here we discuss about some awesome fun tricks and fun google location. All the location on Google Maps and you see the different and crazy location. You see that places which are you never seen before. Let's start the blog with Google Map Fun Tricks and Google Location.

We access the Google Earth to see all the different, beautiful and crazy directions. You can use google map street view for the check view on google maps. Google satellite is so powerful and catch the more crazy location. You can see the best and crazy Google Directions.

Google Map Fun Tricks :

All the directions is seen in the satellite view.

Human Lips in Sudan

When you see this view that time you feel that this are the lips of the human but this is not a lips. It is a hill that can be found in Sudan. It looks creepy. If you want to see this you can click on satellite view in google map and put the co-ordinates in google map search bar. 

Giant Triangle

This is awesome view on the google map. No one knows who make it and why. This is the giant triangle in Wittmann, Arizona, USA. Many people discuss about this and give their opinion but no one knows who is the correct and what is the correct answer.


This is contain the track the buffalo herd. This location is from Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania.


Guitar Shape Farm

 A farmer named Pedro Martin Ureta planted the forest in memory of his wife. This is Located in the fertile agricultural region of Argentina’s ‘Pampas’ is a guitar-shaped forest made up of over 7,000 cypress and eucalyptus trees.

Giant Batman Symbol

We found the giant batman symbol with helping of the google map so thank to google. This symbol is found on the rooftop of an office building on Kadena Air Base.

Swastika Shaped Building

In this picture, you can see the sathia or swastika shaped building. This building located in Coronado, California at USA.

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