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SLAM Technology : What is Slam ? - Tech Foul

Friends... Here we discuss about the SLAM Technology. You know about the GPS but may be you don't hear about the SLAM. So, let'e discuss what is the SLAM? and how it is helpful to us. In simple way, who has no GPS have a Slam.

What is Slam? 

Slam Stand for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM).  How can a self driving car move on road ? so you can say by using GPS that time this is not accurate answer. GPS has  so many limitation. It is not working in centimeter or millimeter and under water area. A Indoor small robot which is moving in room that time GPS is not good and here born a new technology called SLAM.

 Robotics engineers had a problem that how to get their vehicles to move around the home without bumping into walls, people, or indeed each other. Being indoors, they couldn’t rely on GPS for navigation. The engineer developed a new algorithm which is known by Slam. In This Technology Era, This is so useful technology and we have to improve it because we want to self driving cars and a robots which are walk and run freely.

In a Slam Technology, Device get a data from a sensors and build a virtual map. This Virtual Data can track the all things and moving the device without bumping to walls, people and each other. Slam uses so many sensors and Data calculation, camera, LIDAR etc.

For Examples :-  A self Driving car build a full map and check which side is free?, other car is coming or not, sign board, Road lines, Divider, where roads ends? and many other... After completing this, It works better. Home Cleaning Robot is best example of slam technology. Slam is also works in AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mix Reality). Slam technology is very helpful to improve this type of app.
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